What is “The Indigenous Bartender”?

The Indigenous Bartender is a bar program dedicated to celebrating local flavours and cultures, wherever ‘local’ may be. This means focusing on local flavours, local produce, local crafts. We hope that bartenders and other likeminded people from different regions will contribute knowledge and flavours of their region so that we may celebrate the myriad of cultures and flavours of the world. So that we may see the world, one ingredient at a time.

Therefore, the Indigenous Bartender is also an encyclopedia, of not only flavours but for insights and knowledge of ingredients, people and cultures of the world. Here we share not only the history, flavour profile and methods for incorporating indigenous ingredients into cocktails, but also sustainable approaches to bartending and insights on how to become an indigenous bartender.

Because ultimately, The Indigenous Bartender is a person – a person who is passionate about the place in which they are from or are based in. A person who wants to celebrate local flavours and cultures by exploring indigenous ingredients, and working with the local community, the artisans, the farmers. The Indigenous Bartender is someone who not only takes, but is also someone who gives back to their local community and environment.

The Indigenous Bartender is you and me; we have a passion for flavour and a respect for culture.

Our Story

The Indigenous Bartender first began as a conversation between Dre and Kamil in Akademi at the Katamama Hotel. A conversation about what would happen if bartenders looked beyond the staple of tried and tested ingredients, to explore and incorporate local flavours, glassware and culture of Bali into their creations.

The conversation has since grown from an idea to a beverage program within the Potato Head Group and has become the foundation for many delicious creations.

But the story does not end here. This is just the beginning. The next chapter awaits, and it will be written by bartenders from around the world who are exploring ingredients and flavours that are indigenous to them.

What can you find here?

Photo Credit: Zurina Bryant

Here, you will find ingredient profiles, explaining the history, significance and flavour of indigenous ingredients and how a bartender can use these flavours.

You will also find interviews, invaluable insights shared by other Indigenous Bartenders from around the world. Their stories, experiences, advice and of course their passion for local flavours and cultures.

From time to time, we will also be sharing food and drink pairings, locally inspired glassware and accessories, serving suggestions and tips on reaching out and working with the local community.

The narrative we weave here is simultaneously local and global, and we hope you will join us in our journey to explore flavours and cultures.

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