On our last trip, to Ubud, we visited one of the industry personalities, amazing host and well-respected mentors who left the Big Apple behind to move to the other side of the world, Will Goldfarb, owner of Room4Dessert.

A little more about Will…

When was the first time you knew, pastry was for you?

When I was in Paris and my teacher told me I would never make it and I should choose another career path.

What was your first job?

Parking cars at Glen Head Country Club – I learnt a lot about destroying expensive sports car gearshifts as well as gambling.

Can you tell us more about your era at El Bulli?

It was a great year to be there (1999), just at the beginning of the hot gelee times, end of spumas, still small teams – working 7 days a week, 19 hours a day.

We cooked for Pierre Gagnaire opening week and Pierre Herme closing week – Plein de Pierres en fait.

Do you have a favourite ingredient to work with?

Palm sugar – it’s not technically a sugar, really a powdered caramel but it is amazing.

And your favorite flavour?

Vanilla.  Vanilla ice cream is still my favorite.

How does your job affect your relationship with your family?

Badly. There are just not enough hours in the day. I am lucky to have such an understanding family.

What is your favourite thing to do on your day off?

Nothing! Or go to the movies with my daughter.

What is your favourite dish to cook for your wife?

Coffee with milk.

Why Ubud?

Ubud is a great town with great locals, expats, digital nomads, industry crowd and tourists. Nowhere else in the world is like it.

What is your favourite local ingredient to work with?

Buah pala or nutmeg fruit is pretty pretty awesome.

What would you advise young chefs joining your trade?

Run!  Run for the hills… But if you stick around, don’t give up. Eventually everyone else will and you will be left standing.

Whats’ next?

I hope to deliver some incredible food soon!   

Thanks Will. Readers, if you visit Ubud in Bali, be sure to visit Room4Dessert. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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