Khitijah Binte Seren aka Aunty J-Lo as she’s called by family and friends, is known for her handmade Kuih Lopes. Made from glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, Nonya kueh lopes is a sweet dessert coated in grated coconut and drizzled with gula melaka syrup.

We sat down for a little chat with Aunty J-Lo…


I hear that you’re a Kuih Lopes making superstar. How old were you when you made your first piece?

47 years old 

Who taught you the tricks of making them oh-so-delicious?

A relative

How many do you think you’ve made so far?

Wow! That’s a tough questions – if I had to take a guess about 500,000!

Care to share your Kuih Lopes recipe with our readers? 



For the glutinous rice:

Glutinous Rice
Soda Ash
Banana Leaves

  • Toss 1 ball of soda ash with approx. 3kg to 4kg of glutinous rice
  • Wash and Soak
  • Mix well & strain
  • Cut banana leaves in small rectangles
  • Place rice in banana leaf and wrap
  • Place in boiling water for 4 hours

For the syrup:

  • Mix Gula Melaka with Gula Merah (3kg: 2 cubes of Gula Melaka)
  • 4 cups of water
  • Boil and mix well

Coat glutinous rice with grated coconut & pour syrup over.

Have you ever taken cooking lessons?

No. Everything I’ve learnt was through family and friends.

Do you have a favourite ingredient to work with? 

Anything Chilli! The hotter the better!

What is your favourite local ingredient to work with? What dish would you make out if it?

I have so many – but my favourite is definitely Chilli – Sambal / Asam Fish.

Where is your favourite food shopping location in Singapore?

Chong Pang Market – it’s filled with great deals and great produce.

What is your favourite dish to cook for your family? Or maybe I should ask – what is it your family always ask you to make? Mama rules the kitchen!

Sambal Prawn!!! It’s a regular request!

Can our readers buy the Kuih Lopes  from you? 
Yes of course, please contact Aisha on 9166-6393. We look forward to hearing from you!


Posted by:Zurina Bryant

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