A friend of mine, Tiana Tay, after realising she had food intolerances was forced to think out of the box and be more nutritive focused. We’ve had many a discussion about food and health and I felt she was someone who could definitely share her experiences with us.

Let’s talk to Tiana and find out more…

When did you find out about your food intolerances?

It was the year 2015, the first time I saw an ear nose throat doctor because I had multiple sinus infections that wouldn’t go away – he suggested to me that the foods I was eating were possibly making me sick by causing excessive inflammation in my sinuses. My doctor, Dr Goh Yau Hong has been treating his patients with food restriction therapy for a long time and when his patients stick to a varied diet and follow his food restriction list – their sinuses and respiratory health all improve.

I started my blog that is wellness and recipe focused to help others like me who need to stick to this sort of diets that are mostly free from, gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs.

Where you a whizz in the kitchen before this time?

I started having a love for food at a young age and was helping out in the home kitchen a lot, I only realized I got good at it in my twenties after I had my own home and kitchen to practice.

What is your favourite local ingredient to work with? 

I love gula melaka.

Care to share a recipe?

Chendol is a favorite dessert of mine given it works for my allergies. And it’s so easy to prepare – I make a slightly healthier version!

Make your own Gula Melaka syrup by melting down one block of Gula sugar with ¾ cup of water when it comes to a boil gently simmer for 10 to 15 mins turn off fire and sieve off impurities. Set aside and then transfer to a container to chill in the fridge.

Combine ⅓ cup of Kara coconut cream with ⅓ cup of coconut water mix together add enough Gula Melaka to sweeten this is up to you and add your favourite fruit, this can be jackfruit/atap Chee, red kidney beans or anything else you like – serve with ice cubes or better shaved ice if you can make it yourself!

And your second favourite ingredient to work with?

Kaffir lime juice or the leaves.

And your personal favorite flavour?

Anything white!

Do you have a favourite restaurant that serves local fare in Singapore?

For local food I still prefer the markets, Chinatown market is a favourite.

Have you always lived in Singapore? If not, where else?

I’ve lived in Sydney, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

You’re married with kids. Does anyone else in the family have allergies as well? If yes, how do you handle this?

Yes, actually everyone in my family has allergies, very spicy food, food heavy in dairy and eggs is not eaten often. We drink quite a lot of vegetable juices and make sure we rotate our menus to vary our diet. Chicken/beef is eaten once a week, pork and fish twice.

What is your favourite dish to cook for your husband? Your kids?

My husband and children love Japanese food one of their favourite recipes is found on my blog – Heart healthy air-fried crispy chicken – karrage chicken.

Tell us more about you! What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I’m become much more of a people person over the years. The thought of migrating away and out of where all my friends and family are isn’t appealing to me anymore.

What’s next for you?

I’ve started teaching tailor made cooking classes – to working professionals and helper courses.

Thanks Tiana. For our readers – you can find out more about Tiana by clicking on her blog! I can also vouch for her teaching skills – I’ve been privy to a lesson!!! 😀

Posted by:Zurina Bryant

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