Joy Spence is Appleton Rum’s Master Blender and when she visited Singapore, we were lucky to join her rum tasting and learn more about rum as a category and sugarcane. We of course took the opportunity to  ask Joy more questions…

1)    What was your dream job as a little girl?

My dream job as a little girl was to become a Medical Doctor. It has been quite a shift.

2)    When did you fall in love with rum?

I fell in love with rum when I started working with the previous Master Blender. This is when I discovered all the beautiful complex flavours of rum and the exciting world of sensory analysis.

3)    What does it take to be a master blender?

A Master Blender should have a degree in Chemistry, excellent sensory skills, a sound knowledge of the rum manufacturing process, Excellent creativity and good PR skills.

4)    Can you share with us your day to day routine?

A regular day for a Master Blender consists of approving products for bottling, developing new products, attending strategic meetings and hosting rum master classes.

5) Which part of your day do you enjoy most?

My favourite part of my job is creating new products and promoting our rums globally.

During your presentation in Singapore, you shared with us, that there are several different sugar canes. My questions are:

6)    How many types of  sugar canes are there?  

We grow over 10 varieties of sugarcane.

7) How are they used in rum production?

The juice from these varieties contribute to the flavour of our molasses.

8) Several leaders in F&B industry do feel that rum is the new up and coming trend. What are your thoughts about this?

I think premium aged Rum  will be the next whisky. This is the hot rum category that is attracting premium spirit drinkers.

9) What are the main characteristics of Jamaican rum?

Jamaican rum is known for its rich full flavours. The Appleton Estate range is known for its distinctive orange peel top note with beautiful ginger and nutmeg finishing with complex vanilla coffee and cocoa notes.

10) How do you like to enjoy your rum?
My favorite way to drink Appleton depends on the occasion. From a memorable cocktail at a party to sipping in a nice romantic setting. I truly enjoy sipping “The Joy Cocktail” while sitting and watching the Jamaican sunset in my garden.

The Joy cocktail consists of Appleton estate Reserve rum served with a slice of orange muddled with a few drops of bitters, topped up with ginger ale and cracked ice.

11) Can you share with us how people in Jamaica enjoy rum?

In Jamaica rum is enjoyed with Ting – a carbonated grapefruit drink), coconut water or cranberry juice.

Thank you Joy for your time. For more information on Appleton Rum click here.

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