Everyone is happy from their christmas gifts and are now getting excited about welcoming in the New Year. Whether you are going to celebrate at home or in your favorite hangout place here at the Indigenous Bartender we wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve (and New Year)!

For me, I’m usually always getting ready for New Year’s parties in full swing, as I was always working either behind the bar or in a restaurant. However this is the first time in over 16 years (Yay! Says my wife!) where I am not going to be working, but celebrating with friends and family. I’ve noticed that ever since I passed the age of 30 years old I have learnt the lessons of not being ready for the day after hangover :).

So..with this in mind…I’ve decided to get ready and if you wonder how, then keep reading…

At our home, we will be cooking a strong chicken broth, getting ready a lot of rice with butter and premixing Bloody Mary’s. All we’ll have to do then is serve up the soup into a bowl and pour the Bloody Mary’s into glasses. Oh and to top off an easy hangover day, I must remember to buy fresh coconuts for their juice.

You might be wondering, should this be always the case of preparation for every weekend? Well, you know yourself best. 🙂

Here’s the recipe for the Bloody Mary…enjoy the ride!

Bloody Mary

50ml Spirit (vodka, gin, bourbon, whisky, tequila – choose your favorite spirit as a base)
1 pinch salt*
1 pinch black pepper**
1 tsp Dijon mustard or Horseradish sauce***
3 dashes of tabasco
Lemon juice to taste
6 dashes Worcester sauce or good quality soy sauce
150ml good quality tomato juice

Combine all ingredients except your selected spirit in a blender and properly blend. Pour the seasoned tomato juice into a bottle and keep refrigerated. When ready to serve, pour the spiced tomato juice into a glass with a shot of your prefered spirit, stir and remember the night before. As a garnish, I would suggest a breakfast of sunny side up eggs with cooked (crispy) bacon, roasted potatoes and/or chicken and rice.

* Feel free to go wild and experiment with flavored salts
** For a Twist, choose spice blends instead of pepper for your Bloody Mary
*** Thank goodness for chutneys you can also use them as seasoning

So what are you waiting for, chop chop, run to the shops and get ready for a brand new year to start on the 1st January. It’s time to celebrate!

Happy New Year from The Indigenous Bartender team!

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